Training program 2014-15

Race walking

If your child is disqualified in the walk race, please come and see a Rowville committee member who will direct you to someone who can help give you some helpful tips on how to avoid being DQ’d in the walk.  Remember, there’s only two rules in race walking.

First rule: There must always be one foot on the ground.  Athletes can be DQ’d for running in a walk race.

Second rule: The leading leg must be straight from the moment of contact with the ground until directly under the body.  This is only the leading leg not both legs, so when the leading leg hits the ground at the front, it must be straight, with no bent knee.  Some athletes cautiously walk and may still not have the front leg straight.

The best way to have a good technique is to point your front toes up and keep your back straight, do not lean forward.

Also remember, you need three reports to be disqualified.  So, if you only get two reports, you’re ok.  If you get cautioned by a walk judge during the race, you can try to adjust your style during the race to avoid a DQ.

The photo on the left shows straight back and leading toes up.  The photo on the right shows body leaning forward, leading toes down and slightly bent knee for the leading leg.

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